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Detecting awareness in patients presumed to be vegetative is possible using a standard, hospital-grade MRI scanner!

Read about it in our latest paper - lead author Dr Davinia Fernandez-Espejo

See Adrian Owen in latest MacLeans article, "One-third of vegetative patients may be conscious: study"

Read it here!


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Western research helping understand the unconscious brain, Read about it Here

See how our new collaboration with the Rotman Institute of Philosophy is looking with Ethics of Neuroimaging After Serious Brain Injury

New Paper Released Thursday, October 17th! - Hypoconnectivity and Hyperfrontality in Retired American Football Players

Post Doctoral Opportunities

Post Doctoral Fellowship with Dr Penny MacDonald and Dr Adrian Owen to collaborate on projects aimed at understanding cognitive deficits in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and their neural underpinnings, see details here.

Graduate Opportunities in the Owen Lab

Western is a leading research-focused university that provides one of the very best student experiences in Canada. Graduates of the MSc and PhD programs routinely go on to distinguished careers in a wide variety of academic, private sector, and government positions across the world. Dr. Owen accepts students from four of Western's premier graduate programs: Psychology, Neuroscience, Anatomy & Cell Biology and Physiology & Pharmacology. If you are considering graduate study with Dr. Owen, please see "Joining The Lab".