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2021 - BAM! Vaccination - Watch the video here

2020 - Stay at Home! - WATCH THE VIDEO

September 2019 - There's a new L.A. Times Studios podcast "Room 20" about the search for a man’s identity,

Joanne's podcast including interview with Adrian Owen on episode 6.

September 2019 - CIFAR Presents The Walrus Talks Boundaries

September 2019 - New Article in Vice Magazine

May 2019 - Congratulations to Dr Adrian M Owen on receiving the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE)

December 2018 - Listen to what our researchers found after the World's Largest Sleep Study!

December 2018 - Adrian on The Agenda talking about "A Good Night's Sleep

September 2018 - Study: Brain game doesn’t offer brain gain

September 2018 - Freethink video with Adrian M. Owen

July 2018 - It was a special Canada Day for Adrian Owen this year, read why...

March 2018 - Listen to Adrian Owen on CBC's Quirks and Quarks

March 2018 - Listen to 'Into the Gray Zone with neuroscientist Adrian Owen' on CBC Radio with Paul Kennedy

December 2017 - A must read article by the Houston Chronicle

October 2017 - Adrian Owen will be talking about his new book at New Scientist Live in the UK October 1st

September 2017 - article in the Guardian - How Science Found a Way to Help Coma Patients Communicate

July 2017 - Adrian Owen Interview with CTV London, His Life, His Research and His Book, a Canadian Best Seller!

July 2017 - Adrian Owen discusses his research and his new book, now a Canadian Best Seller, Into the Gray Zone.

May 2017 - It's All In Our Heads, Research2Reality Video featuring Adrian Owen, Lisa Saksida and Mel Goodale

April 2017 - Adrian Owen will be discussing "the grey zone" with Roger Highfield, Science Museum, London UK

February 2017 - New BBC documentary on our research detecting awareness in the vegetative state

January 2017 - First published paper of 2017!

October 2016 - Interview with Zhuo (Lydia) Fang in Cognitive Neuroscience Society

September 2016 - TVO online article, How to communicate with someone locked deep inside their own head

June 2016 - Unlocking secrets of the unconscious brain, Read about our very own Loretta Norton and her research

May 2016 - Listen to this CBC Radio show Ideas from the Trenches

May 2016 - Card Sorting on Mt.Everest: Cognitive Assessment and the Application of Neuroscience by Adrian Owen

April 2016 - Are there levels of consciousness?  Our new paper out April 19, 2016 in Trends in Cognitive Sciences

March 2016 - A nice piece in the Guardian mentioning Adrian Owen, "Brain training: should you believe the hype?

February 2016 - Adrian Owen will be giving a free lecture at the University of Alberta, March 2nd about our latest research in vegetative state

February 2016 - Watch the BMI Sleep Lab on CBC Marketplace!

February 2016 - Even on the X-Files they are talking about our research! See 16:10 and 28:06 for specifc spots!

January 2016 - New Scientist article on Wellcome Collection - "Visible thoughts at the fringes of consciousness"

January 2016 - The story behind a vegetative patient's shocking recovery, Read about it in MacLeans here

December 2015 - Read this online article, The Science That Helps Vegetative Patients Communicate With Loved Ones

November 2015 - New Paper released in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, here

November 2015 - New Paper released in NeuroImage:Clinical, here

November 2015 - Listen to Adrian Owen on CBC Radio Ontario Morning, Here

October 2015 - New Paper Released Online in JAMA Neurology, "A Thalamocortical Mechanism for the Absence of Overt Motor Behavior in Covertly Aware Patients", Here

October - Check out a recent BBC news report, The Magic of Cinema Unlocked One Man's Coma-Bound World here

October 2015 - Another New Paper in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Expert and crowd-sourced validation of an individualized sleep spindle detection method employing complex demodulation and individualized normalization here

September 2015 - New Paper in Brain! Ethical considerations in functional magnetic resonance imaging research in acutely comatose patients, here.

September 2015 - New Paper in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience! The dissociation between command following and communication in disorders of consciousness: an fMRI study in healthy subjects, here.

August 2015 - Listen to this interview on The Quantified Body podcast, with Dr Adrian Owen here

June 2015 - New article in AJOB Neuroscience, An Ethics of Welfare for Patients Diagnosed as Vegetative With Covert Awareness, Here

June 2015 - When Does Consciousness Begin and End? NOVA Next Article by Mo Costandi Read it here

May 2015 - New article in International Innovation - Decoding Human Thought Here

Apr 2015 - Watch CBC:The Marketplace - Brain Training : Mind Games Here

Mar.2015 - Paper in The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences, rel. Mar.2015 - Canadian Perspectives on the Clinical Actionability of Neuroimaging in Disorders of Consciousness here

Feb 2015 - Read our latest paper in NeuroImage: Clinical, rel. Feb.2015 - Risk, diagnostic error, and the clinical science of consciousness - here

Feb 2015 - Listen to interview on CBC Radio : Spark with Stuart Fogel of the Brain and Mind Institute Sleep Lab - Here

Feb 2015 - Listen to Adrian Owen interview on Newstalk Ireland Aired Friday, February 13th, 2015 - Locked-In Syndrome - Here

Jan 2015 - Story in New Scientist - Portable mind-reader gives voice to locked-in people  Here

Jan 2015 -New paper in Trends in Cognitive Science, Anesthesia and neuroimaging: investigating the neural correlates of unconsciousness here

Dec 2014 - Valya Sergeeva, 1st year Masters student in the Owen Lab, was awarded the Reva Gerstein Fellowship for Masters Study in Psychology!

Dec 2014 - Jeremy Viczko, 1st year Masters student in the Owen Lab, was awarded the Ralph S Devereux Award in Psychology!

Nov 2014 - Graduate student Raechelle Gibson (supervisor: Dr. Adrian Owen) has been awarded a Canada Graduate Scholarship - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (CGS-MSFSS) from NSERC for her current Vanier CGS. The CGS-MSFSS Program supports high calibre Canadian graduate students in building global linkages and international networks through the pursuit of exceptional research experiences at research institutions abroad. By accessing international scientific research and training, CGS-MSFSS recipients will contribute to strengthening the potential for collaboration between Canadian universities and affiliated research institutions and universities, or other research institutions outside of Canada. Rae will be conducting a research project at the University of Cambridge in 2015.

Nov 2014 - Nole Hiebert is the recipient of the 2015 Jonathan & Joshua Memorial Graduate Studentship in Mental Health research. Nole's supervisors are Drs. Penny MacDonald and Adrian Owen.

Nov 2014 - New Paper!  Multiple tasks and neuroimaging modalities increase the likelihood of detecting covert awareness in patients with disorders of consciousness, read it here

Oct. 2014 - Our research reviewed in Science Magazine, see it here

Oct. 2014 - New Paper! International Collaboration leads to: "Spectral Signatures of Reorganised Brain Networks in Disorders of Consciousness", read it here

Sept 2014 - How we used Hitchcock Movie to Detect Consciousness in the Vegetative State

Sept 2014 - Congratulations to our very own Raechelle Gibson!! Raechelle Gibson is one of seven Western graduate student recipients of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship!

Sept 2014 - New Paper! Highlighting the Structure-Function Relationship of the Brain with the Ising Model and Graph Theory, read it Here

Sept 2014 - New Paper! Lies, damned lies and diagnoses: Estimating the clinical utility of assessments of covert awareness in the vegetative state, Here

Sept 2014 - New Paper! - Acknowledging awareness: informing families of individual research results for patients in the vegetative state Here

July 2014 - New Paper realeased - American Journal of Bioethics - Towards a Science of Brain Death

July 2014 - Nature Reviews Neurology, News & Views, Diagnostic accuracy of brain imaging in the vegetative state by Adrian M. Owen, Here

May 2014 - New Paper Released Online! Positive Prognostication from Median-Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Cortical Potentials Neurocritical Care, Here

May 2014 - New Paper Released! Re: Comment about 'Fractioning Human Intelligence'. Non-existent flaws in the original article and their relation to limitations of the P-FIT model, Intelligence

May 2014 - Read Adrian Owen's "Is Anybody in There?" in the May 2014 issue of Scientific American Here

May 2014 - New Study Protocol Released in BMC Medical Ethics, "Ethics of neuroimaging after serious brain injury" Here

May 2014 - New Paper Released in NeuroImage:Clinical, "The reliability of the N400 in single subjects: Implications for patients with disorders of consciousness" Read it Here

May 2014 - You can Read or Listen to Dr Adrian Owen's latest interview on The TakeAway on WNYC, here

May 2014 - Thousands remain trapped between life and death. Three scientists are working to free them.  Roger Highfield reports in Mosaic  here

April 2014 -  See Adrian Owen in latest MacLeans article, "One-third of vegetative patients may be conscious: study"

April 2014 - Detecting awareness in patients presumed to be vegetative is possible using a standard, hospital-grade MRI scanner!  Read about it in our latest paper - lead author Dr Davinia Fernandez-Espejo

March 2014 - Western research helping understand the unconscious brain, Read about it Here

March 2014 - See how our new collaboration with the Rotman Institute of Philosophy is looking with Ethics of Neuroimaging After Serious Brain Injury

March 2014 - Read or listen to our Research Scientist Stuart Fogel on CBC Radio and Radio Canada International.

February 2014 - See our own Raechelle Gibson's latest paper here!

January 2014 - Article in MacLeans Magazine - Inside a Comatose Mind

October 2013 - New Paper in NeuroImage: Clinical - see what BBC have to say here!

October 2013 - New Paper - Detecting awareness after severe brain injury, read it here

October 2013 - Read about our collaboration with the RCMP in the RCMP Gazette!

October 2013 - See Dr Owen's latest interview with the Cognitive Neuroscience Society

April 2013 – Watch “Waking the Brain” on Global News here

April 2013 – Owen Research mentioned on Global News “Waking the Brain” article, see it here

March 2013 – See guest post by Dr Srivas Chennu on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Blog – here

March 2013 – Medical Imaging Technology special report on fMRI, interview with Dr Adrian Owen – Here

February 2013 – More on our research exposing the Myth of IQ in this month’s Wired Magazine, here

February 2013 – Can people communicate using thought alone?’ Read about it in the Globe and Mail, Here

February 2013 – Can vegetative state patients solve logical reasoning problems? Now one can – Here

January 2013 – People in Greece are reading about the Owen Lab! See Lorina Naci interview in BHMASCIENCE segment of Greek newspaper TO VIMA, read it Here on pages 6-8.

January 2013 – Adrian Owen’s latest paper to start off the year 2013 – Detecting Consciousness: A Role for Neuroimaging Read it Here

December 2012 – See our Neuron paper (December 2012) questioning the concept of IQ – READ IT HERE

December 2012 – Dr Adam Hampshire’s blog on The Myth of IQ for London (UK) Science Museum See it here

November 2012 – Interview with Dr Adrian Owen in Future Medicine, a medical magazine published by India’s leading publisher DC Books.
click here to read it


November 13, 2012 – BBC Panorama documentary shows breakthrough with patient in Vegetative State, click here to see news report

November 2012 – CBC The National, interview with Adrian Owen “VS Brain Scanning Breakthrough” Click here to see it

October 10, 2012 – See write-up in China Daily Youth with Dr Lorina Naci and Dr Adrian Owen

2012 – New paper “A role for the default mode network in the bases of disorders of consciousness” published in Annals of Neurology Here

2012 – The Mind Reader – Nature interview with Dr Adrian Owen read it here

2012 – New paper “Brain-computer interfacing in disorders of consciousness” published in Brain Injury here

2012 – Latest paper published in Neurology – The relationship between aetiology and covert cognition in the minimally conscious state read it here

2012 – Listen to Adrian Owen on QTV with Jian Ghomeshi Click here to hear it!

November 2012 – Paper published in The Lancet – Bedside detection of awareness in the vegetative state click here to read it

September 2011 – Dr Adrian Owen on panel discussion with HHL The Dalai Lama read about it here